text Message Services for HEALTH & WELLNESS

Help fill out your calendar, update clients and decrease appointment no-shows through text message marketing. If you have a last-minute cancellation send your text subscribers a quick update and fill that spot in minutes. With a 98% open rate in the first few minutes, text message marketing will help keep your calendar booked and revenue stream at your highest potential. 100% of customers on your text message list WANT TO RECEIVE marketing and promotional text from you. They opted in and are now waiting to hear from you about your next special, last minute calendar opening or promotion.

Text Message marketing is a great marketing tool for saps, salon, barbers, stylist, makeup artist, aestheticians, chiropractors, and healthcare providers. 

Our Top 8 ways to utilize text message marketing

  1. Communicate with clients, fill last minute cancellations.
  2. Offer promotions, appointment reminders and connect quickly with clients.
  3. Fill empty seats or space in your calendar.
  4. Improve Event attendance and increase Bookings and Revenue.
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