text Message Services for GYMS & FITNESS

As an owner and operator of your gym or fitness studio we understand you don’t have much time on your hands, we also understand how important every member is to your business. With text message marketing you can keep your members informed and updated. Fitness class change or cancelation send a quick text to your members. discount or promotions for class, referrals or membership send a quick text to your members. Last minute client cancelations send out a text to your members and fill that spot quickly.

Text Message marketing is a relatively inexpensive marketing method with a huge ROI potential.

How to keep your memberships and classes booked

  1. Send reminders for personalized workout plans.
  2. Send reminders for nutrition plans.
  3. Updated class and fitness schedules, alerts and scheduled training appointments. 
  4. Monday motivational messages, promotions/ discounts and referral program incentives.
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