text Message Services for FOOD TRUCKS

As a food truck owner and operator you may run into the problem of how to market your business at an affordable cost? Utilize Text Sprout’s text message marketing today to keep your customers up to date and drive traffic to your food truck costing you pennies per customer. 

Did you know 82% of people open every text message they receive and 70% of consumers think SMS marketing is a great way for businesses to get their attention.

5 examples of texting strategies for your Food Truck

  1.     Inform your customers with locations, dates and updates on hours. 
  2.     Send out a new or last minute event you will attend.
  3.     Share photos.
  4.     Send discounts and promotions.
  5.     Boost social media post – posted a new menu item on Instagram, share that with your text message followers!
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